Music Buzz Nation top 10 videos of the week April 2, 2015

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What is Music Buzz Nation?

Music Buzz Nation is a new national website network that showcases the best up and coming local talent from across the country. Our network is designed to highlight artists in their local market and state and share it across our national platform of websites.

What is a Talent Scout?

A Talent Scout is a person who helps find emerging artists in their area or state.

What is required?

We need you to scour your state via social media, the web, a live show, and word of mouth and share with us via a simple online form. There is no “set” amount of artists you need to discover, however the more you share with us, the more artists will get covered!

Why should I sign up?

Because we need your expertise in discovering new talent! You will not only receive credit on the published post as a “Talent Scout”, but will have the opportunity through your discovery to have a relationship with that artist. The opportunity to have your discovery broadcast across the national network can happen as well. Other avenues may open up or you may have other talents that exist that would potentially be of value to the network as we grow.

Are you looking for specific genres of music?

Yes we are – We understand there are tons of categories, however the main genres we are looking for new talent are: Alternative, indie, Blues, Metal, Punk, Country, Pop, Electronic, Reggae, Folk, Rock, Hip Hop, Jazz, R&B and World.

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Music Buzz Nation Top 21 April 2nd, 2015